Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21 - God is Our Hope

For you have been my hope, O Sovereign Lord, 
my confidence since my youth.
From birth I have relied on you; 
you brought me forth from my mother's womb.
I will praise you. I have become like a portent to many, 
but you are my strong refuge.
Psalm 71: 5-7

Have you lost hope? Has life gotten you down lately? Life can certainly seem overwhelming, stressful, and chaotic at times. Maybe there is a situation in your life that seems hopeless. Be rest assured that God is walking with you during these tough times. He has not left you, nor will He ever. There is hope though Him. Reflect back upon all the wondrous things He has created in your life. Your family, your friends, your home; it is all because of your Father in heaven. He has never forsaken you when you needed Him, nor will He do it now. Reach out and ask for His help, He is waiting for you. He wants to help, you only need to ask. Profess the love you have in your heart for Him, reaffirm all the beautiful things he has created for you, let Him know that you believe and trust in Him. He will provide for you and give you the hope you need to make it through all of your days.

O Father I come before you today with a heavy heart. My hope in wavering Lord. I know I should put all my trust, faith, and hope in You but I am struggling Father God. I need your help to see me through these dark days. Restore my hope in all your wondrous works Lord. I know You will provide and Your will, will be done in my life. I owe all glory and honor to You Father! Praise be Your name and all hope and trust be placed in Your loving arms. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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